WINNING IMAGES by Robert L. Shook


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Be cautious when you're on the other man's home court or you'll get hit right between the eyes."" Salesman Shook tells about taking a million-dollar executive to a French restaurant, then watching the exec shrivel under the waiter's stupefaction when he ordered Gallo Cold Duck. Shook, a salesman of salesmanship--of the winning image, the unwavering con based on indestructible sincerity--aims to be in the driver's seat on all occasions. You must develop the winning self-image, he warns, before you can achieve the success you desire. Elementary? One recalls Genesis and God declaring what He's going to make before He makes it. Shook makes winners. ""You must commit the image you want to a written, clear, and concise plan, and. . . correlate it with the development of your career."" His image building via wardrobe, office layout, relations with employees (success and sex don't mix), wifely assists, and so on may be unassailable humbug but it will spark his suggestible special audience. As he admits, it's like giving the Cowardly Lion courage, the Tin Woodsman a heart, and the Scarecrow a brain.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1977
Publisher: Macmillan