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CAPTAIN KIDD'S CAT by Robert Lawson Kirkus Star



Pub Date: Feb. 6th, 1956
ISBN: 0316517356
Publisher: Little, Brown

Patterned on the confidential humor of Mr. Revere and I, and Ben and Me, here is the inside story of Captain Kidd and how he came to an undeserved end, told with strict adherence to the facts of the case by his worldly, practical cat. Home from loyal service with another master, Captain Tew, our cat is again called to duty when Tew's friend Kidd is unwillingly embroiled in a movement to keep "the trade" alive, by certain businessmen to whom the failure of piracy would mean bankruptcy. Mac is a literate cat. His only fault is the omission of the "ly's" from his adverbs and, as ever, the drastic plots and events he relates have a subtler to reality than the liberal dressing of humor might indicate.