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SMELLER MARTIN by Robert Lawson Kirkus Star


by Robert Lawson

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1950
ISBN: 0670652997
Publisher: Viking

A cocky, tongue-in-cheek story with a very funny gimmick, this is sure to be a hit in spite of possible adult disapproval. There are some who might object to the outrageous spoofing of the solemn clergy, the sky-high glamor of the young hero's playwright-actress parents, the exclusive atmosphere of the private school and country home set, while we voice a very serious objection against the use of a caricature of an Uncle Tom servant... However, the story is very, very funny. Smeller Martin earned his title for his distinguished sense of smell at Elder Brewster Academy. His gift was first discovered when he identified the kitchen preparations for a horrid meal from a sizable distance. Later his talents were utilized by an enterprizing roommate in winning bets from victims who defied Smeller to name their afternoon activities, which was a breeze for Smeller who could smell wood on the hand which had held a baseball bat. Later at his country home Smeller not only aided the romance of his Aunt Agatha and a nearby professor but detected a thief and solved a murder for the police.