TUGBOAT: The Moran Story by

TUGBOAT: The Moran Story

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Report repeated from the August 15th issue, as follows: ""The life and times of the hard working harbor puffers takes in a surprising amount of traveling from the hauls and tows on inland waters to the Normandy landings and operations in the Pacific, and the story of these tugs is the story of the Morans, from Michael, the author's father, down to the third generation now handling the business. From sail, to steam and Diesel, the 'little Irish navy' grew against hard competition, and the glamor of docking the Queens contrasts with the heavy duty of dumping garbage, while their progress is marked by a cholera outbreak, explosions, fires and affairs of the Port of New York. The waterfront, its life, noise and odors, the vigilance in time of maritime disasters, the modernizing of the fleet, the bigger headache that came with the bigger ocean liners, the mechanics of docking and undocking the big babies, the personalities among the captains and pilots and the boats themselves- these the author knew from literally 'learning the ropes' in his early days and, from his activities in later days, was part of the never ending concern over the Port of New York in all its complex traffic. A proud story of family enterprise, this is of definite local interest and for a special marine audience that will appreciate it.

Publisher: Scribner