ADRIFT IN A BONEYARD by Robert Lewis Taylor


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Spoof to fantasy, in which world disaster leaves only four people alive in the United States, and proves that Mr. Robinson is a valiant soul, even to finding a safe home for his wife, maid and maid's son..Entrenched in a feudal New York castle, (equipped with Diesel and deep freeze) he is ready to fend off the remaining animals, but is forced to move when the dogs go wild and the house burns down. Paradise in Florida is lost when they are compelled to search Europe for two other survivors. When another storm occurs that may have restored the normal world, a final decision is reached and they decide to abandon what civilization persists. Flight of fantasy, which does not get completely grounded in spite of its scope which projects a 195 -- possibility in polite, casual barbs against the conventions, customs, cliches of our times. Some feeling parodies on current thinking, literature, and moments of contemporary madness have an astringent freshness. Escape while you may theme- slight, with bite.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday