IT TAKES ALL KINDS by Robert Littell


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Littell is the Paris-based representative of the Reader's Digest and these incidental pleces have presumably appeared there and for the most part have European backgrounds and human points of interest. There's the Italian who conditions the reflexes of any intelligent dog to hunt for truffles; the prisoner who convinces the guard in a prison in East Germany of the Soviet guilt- so that they escape together; a Norwegian man overboard, and in the water for 29 hours; a Swede buried in the snow; Germany's imaginative judge who makes the punishment fit--juvenile offenders; a tracking dog, and Swiss avalanche dogs; a courageous hemophilia who helped to start Canada's first center for the treatment of this disease; etc., etc. along with an interesting closing piece on that divided city- Berlin.... The handling of most of this unusual material is unexceptional- but it is also efficient and an easy kind of pick-up reading.

Publisher: Viking-Reynal