NEW YORK CALL GIRL by Robert Lowry


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All but a few of these stories have previously been published in magazines. Lowry's scope encompasses everything and everybody: soldiers stationed in dull U.S. camp towns, in Europe; an impoverished couple awaiting their first-born; sharecroppers looking for work in the '30's; a strange group of tenants in a Lexington Ave. apartment house; a number of vignettes centering around the town of Turkey Bottoms -- the boys at Ray's Place, the girls about whom rumors develop; a faded jazz singer; a Mystery Bus Ride from Times Square to a disappointing New Jersey destination and a particularly good account of the Robinson-LaMotta fight in Chicago. The story closest to the collection's title is Girl New York, a call girl's meandering journal. The situations and characters are handled, if not with elegance and significance, at least with facility and expertise which polishes the effort to a high gloss.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1958
Publisher: Doubleday