THE CRIME WAR by Robert M. Cipes


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Mr. Cipes is a feisty, outspoken lawyer whose articles have appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, Look and The New Republic. Here he vehemently prosecutes established moods and means: crime wave reports and statistics grossly exaggerated; F.B.I. Chief Hoover as self-appointed ""savior"" with a ""vested interest"" in maintaining alleged crime waves and scare headlines. Then there are those who use the same tactics to promote an inverted sense of racial terror; the prosecutors who climb up the ladder of success via victims or can't wait for that sensational court case; the irresponsibility of newspapers in crime reporting; the miserable penal and parole systems. Much of this has been said before but Mr. Cipes' judgments extend beyond the day in court to present sobering comment on our manipulative, violence-prone society with its moral ambiguities. It should serve as a basis or outline for a thorough investigation.

Pub Date: June 17th, 1968
Publisher: New American Library