BUZZTAIL: The Story of a Rattlesnake by Robert M. McClung

BUZZTAIL: The Story of a Rattlesnake

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Another in McClung's excellent series of natural science stories. One must- to appreciate this- allow no vestige of antipathy to snakes to affect one's reactions. For the youngsters -- and their name is legion- to whom reptiles are a passionate enthusiasm- this is a top-ranking life story of a rattlesnake's existence, in text and pictures (the format places the book at a somewhat lower level than the content; it comes down to a question of interest level- with 3rd and 4th grade the average). Through each phase of physical existence, mating, growth, habits, lethal and otherwise, feeding, self-preservation, one follows the pattern. Many questions are answered through the story of this one particular rattlesnake, and for the squeamish, the details may prove shudderingly realistic. But for the initiate, this is a natural.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1958
Publisher: Morrow