RAJPUR: Last of the Bengal Tigers by Robert M. McClung

RAJPUR: Last of the Bengal Tigers

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In the established mode of the fictitious animal biography, McClung presents facts of tiger life in the story of Rajpur, whom we first meet as a new cub in southern Nepal. McClung works in much description of Rajpur's environment and numerous encounters with other animals: a python about to seize the cub until distracted by a wild pig, a crocodile the cub narrowly escapes, deer who become his prey, elephants bearing men who kill his father Raja Khan, a porcupine that fatally wounds his sister Rani, and several others. Rajpur's mother Kumari is killed by poachers, and the young male is chased off by an older one, later establishing his own territory with a mate, Seti. The last two episodes make the fullest stories. The one involves a wounded rogue tiger and the government tiger killer who comes to destroy it; in the last, Seti is caught in a trap, and Rajpur will not leave her despite the approach of humans--but both are saved when the humans turn out to be wildlife specialists who tag them and let them go. With an appended note on tigers' endangered status, an informative composite that grows in interest.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1982
Publisher: Morrow