WHITEFOOT: The Story of a Wood Mouse by Robert M. McClung

WHITEFOOT: The Story of a Wood Mouse

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From Spring to Spring we follow the trail of one little wood mouse and are amazed at her power of survival, a combination of instinct, ingenuity and luck. Springtime is mating time and Whitefoot raises her litter of five, only two of which survive the perils of the forest. When they are ready to fend for themselves, she is off to gather food and find safety in the face of such enemies as the fox, the shrew, the cat and the hazards of winter. Having repeatedly passed tests of endurance Whitefoot greets the Spring once again and starts the cycle in motion. The young naturalist (and realist) will be happy to know that the only thing fictional about Whitefoot is her name. All else is handled in objective terms.

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow