SO YOU'RE GETTING BRACES: A Guide to Orthodontics by

SO YOU'RE GETTING BRACES: A Guide to Orthodontics

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Not everyone slated for braces will care to wade through a teething timetable, a history of tooth decay and its treatment from the ancient Egyptians on, and (with the Silversteins' own three children as examples) a classification of malocclusions and their causes. On the other hand, the intellectually curious reader of the authors' books on the brain, sleep, and body systems will miss here the usual research reports and sense of exploration. However, somewhere among all those tinsel-toothed millions there is no doubt a market for this extensive briefing on the various devices and what they do; perhaps some will even take to heart the chapter on ""cooperation--the key to success."" Essentially, an extended version of the pamphlet dentists should hand out but don't.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1978
Publisher: Lippincott