SUPERFOLKS by Robert Mayer


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Mild-mannered, middle-aging, middle-class David Brinkley lives in Middleville with his two daughters and pregnant wife. But ten years ago ""Brinkley"" was the useful secret identity of superhero Indigo, a famed crimefighter whose history closely resembles Superman's and whose only real enemy is the debilitating element (from his home planet Cronk) called Cronkite. A vast crime conspiracy infiltrated every household product with minute traces of Cronkite, Indigo slowly lost his superpowers, and ""Brinkley"" went into a retirement of too many Mallobars. Now New York City's financial breakdown and the firing of the police force bring a massive wave of muggings into the city streets, indigo must return! ""Brinkley"" finds that his superpowers have come back (more or less), and so Indigo bumbles back to work. He visits Billy Button (Captain Mantra, i.e. Captain Marvel) in an old age home, fights the crime cartel, and struggles with Demoniac (the illegitimate child of Mary Marvel and Billy), meanwhile meeting every name known in pop culture, from Kojak to Lucy to Nelson Rockefeller (now a tin-cup beggar). Mayer should include a laugh-track with every copy, since readers unwilling to give stock responses to TV images will find this about as funny as a plastic taco.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1977
ISBN: 0312339925
Publisher: Dial