LILI: A Giant Panda of Sichuan by Robert McClung
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LILI: A Giant Panda of Sichuan

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Another fine book from a distinguished naturalist: the life cycle of a panda from birth in China's Sichuan province, through famine and relocation to an area where bamboo, vital to the panda's survival, is more plentiful. There, Lili comes to maturity, mates, and begins to produce young ""every second or third year."" At important junctures she encounters Chang, a boy who personifies those interested in conserving wildlife; it is he who, at the conclusion of Lili's story, rescues one of her cubs from a snare intended for musk deer. A final section discusses pandas in zoos and efforts to preserve the species. Limiting anthropomorphism to the naming of his animal characters, McClung skillfully weaves many details about their precarious life into his narrative, while also introducing less familiar Asian species. Brady's careful, vivid drawings supplement the text and contribute to the attractive format. Best, McClung's language is so evocative that it is well suited to the pleasures of reading aloud. Map, index, and an exemplary brief annotated bibliography, which identifies children's books and also points out that the adult titles ""contain a great deal of information and many illustrations that should be of interest to young readers as well.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1988
Page count: 85pp
Publisher: Morrow