HOLY LOCH by Robert Mirvish


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The fact that the two sailors who rescue Moira Cameron from unhappiness happen to come ashore from a missile-carrying U.S. submarine base is not enough to modernize a good old, non-nuclear plot. True, there are British demonstrations against the ship anchored in Scottish waters, and occasionally Officers Stock Harper and Anders Harkness must remain at their posts. But most of the time they seem to spend carousing about the Queen's Lane Hotel in Glasgow, where Moira sits alone in her room musing about her unfortunate marriage, separation, and estrangement from her sixteen-year-old son. Always on a lark, Anders manages to draw her into life and a love affair. But it is Stock Harper (and how could he miss with a name like that?) who marries her, reconciles mother and son, and makes everything turn out in the end. Not that the ""turning out"" is easy, for many a novelistic gambit is employed to roughen up the road a bit as they go. Boarding-house plus sailors-on-leave--undistinguished, but passingly readable.

Publisher: Morrow-Sloane