THE DEVIL WITH LOVE by Robert Nathan


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Satan is still the same sensible, rather agreable entity we have been led to expect since the days of Shaw and Screwtape, in this latest by the master of misty musings. Explaining that his nature was ""proud, rebellious and acquisitive,"" Lucifer, regretting the expenditure of energy on the soul which does absolutely nothing on earth and is so easily caught, casts a covetous eye on the human heart. Selecting the Archdemon Samael of Hod to make the experiment, Satan sends him to Earth to acquire the heart of one Alfred Sneeden, a TV repair man who longs for teen-age Gladys Milhouser. It is a simple matter to direct Gladys' affections toward ""the creep Sneeden"". The bargain is divined by the excellent and good Father Deener whose exorcising bring a reaction of affectionate and nostalgic appreciation from the demon Samael. However, it is the postmistress Mary Sebastian, loving Alfred, who makes the meaningful sacrifice and bargain, Bountiful whimsy, amusing enough for the Nathan market and all collectors of demonic dialogue.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Knopf