TAPPY by Robert Nathan


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Yorkshire terriers are a rather special taste and so is this story of a lapdog who would be a hero. Though it's been ""retold for young people,"" certain lapses into preciosity occur: ""Tapiola belonged to Mrs. Poppel, the wife of the publisher; and so he was well-acquainted with the literary scene. More than once he had reason to observe that success is not so much the result of muscular force as of self-esteem."" Tappy's misadventures with Richard the truculent denary and Jeremiah the oracular rat are not very different from those of less auspicious creatures in a world they're not equipped to cope with -- at least the two pets aren't, and they return happily with their paramours, a rabbit and a hen, to domestic security. (The rat, a prophet without honor. . . is both the most real and the most abstruse.) Some droll moments, some nice drawings, but an also-ran as an odyssey.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1968
Publisher: Knopf