THE SEA GULL CRY by Robert Nathan


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A summer idyll this -- set in the calm of Cape Cod and the waters near Truro. Charming, wistful, unreal -- but not as deliberately removed from reality as was Jenny, for instance. Jeri was seven, Louisa eighteen, orphaned refugees from war-wracked Europe, born of an English mother and a Polish father, and cast adrift by heedless relatives to shift for themselves in America. Castle background provided no training for the process, but a theory that the sea would provide took them to the Cape, where the Baghots assumed reluctant responsibility, renting them a grounded scow as home, and keeping a somewhat churlish lookout for their safety. Then came adventure and romance in the form of a college professor vacationing in a sloop which promptly shipwrecked him on their doorstep. Jeri and his small companion, Emily, supply a somewhat more authentic note than Louise and the dreamy professor. But Nathan has a sure touch of people beauty which redeems a fragile tale from mediocrity.

Pub Date: June 30th, 1942
Publisher: Knopf