THE MARRIED LOOK by Robert Nathan


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A summer sheer through which is filtered the gentle gift of fantasy, the sentiment which rarely touches a sharper, stronger emotion, a play on time in which the earthly and the eternal converge. Edward, a scientist, who had lost the memory of ""his wife's young face"" in many years of marriage to Ruth, meets a young girl Clementine- living in a house on wheels- has the sense that he'd always known her. As Clementine materializes- now and again- in different places and at different intervals- Edward's love for her is only shadowed by his doubt of her reality. And Clementine's last visit, in which she entreats him to keep the memory of her youth, coincides with Ruth's near death- brings Edward to the realization that they are the same. Certainly not for the wider audience Nathan has been known to contact, here the familiar talent fades away.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1950
Publisher: Knopf