BUT GENTLY DAY by Robert Nathan
Kirkus Star


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Pure Nathan, and as such a dependable item for all Nathan fans. Fantasy, realistically handled, and modern in implications. Nobody else could do it with quite so subtle and poignant a touch. One might call it a Berkeley Square in modern mood.... Corporal Arkbester is homeward bound on leave; a fellow passenger on the plane is a chaplain. The plane crashes, the two of them wander into the past together, with Henry wholly unaware that this is ""borrowed time"", an adventure in time and space. He is puzzled to find his home in essentials unchanged, but with unfamiliar people there, relatives, to be sure -- the names, the attitudes are recognizable -- but the time is immediately after the Civil War, and his uniform is inexplicable, as is his quiet assurance that things, to them unknown, will surely happen in the years ahead. A romance wrecks the acceptance of his kinfolk, who resent his poaching on their son's preserves. And Henry and his mysterious mentor-companion, fade out of the picture. A slim book -- for a sure sale.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1943
Publisher: Knopf