THE RIVER JOURNEY by Robert Nathan


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The established talent and the expected territory, this tells of Minerva Parkinson who- when she receives her death sentence from her doctor- wants to leave her husband a memory of something special, rather than her railroad bonds. Buying a boat, Minerva and Henry set off down the Missouri river towards New Orleans, but Minerva finds their idyll disrupted when Henry takes on board a stranger, Mr. Mortimer, and a young girl, Nora. While Henry is uneasy in Mr. Mortimer's presence, Minerva finds security with him, even knowing that his other name is death and that Nora will also be his victim. Sensing that Nora, to whom Henry is attracted, may leave him with an even brighter memory, Minerva tries to persuade Mr. Mortimer to take her first, leave Nora with Henry, but when both die- it is Minerva after all who has left Henry with a sustaining comfort... The great imponderables of life and death, love and loss of love reduced to pleasant -- and pleasantly poignant familiars, this is for the Nathan audience, not at full strength.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1949
Publisher: Knopf