ZAHAROFF by Robert Neumann
Kirkus Star


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An extraordinarily interesting handling of the endlessly intriguing subject of the great munitions king, mystery man of Europe. Neumann, confronted by conflicting data, contradictory evidence, impossibility of getting incontrovertibly at the final truth, has chosen to take the legal method, present, against a running background of his own, the varying evidence he has been able to produce. The result is a colorful, dramatic story. -- It reads like an exciting mystery story unfolding before ones eyes. The only other biography I can recall handled in this manner is Symons' The Quest for Corvo. The manner -- more than the man --resulted in surprisingly substantial sales; in this case, you have a double barrel to your gun, Neumann, with a good following, and a definite interest in Zaharoff and the munitions situation. A much better book than Dhvenport's Zaharoff, which had an excellent sale last year.

Publisher: Knopf