KING OF KAZOO by Robert Newton Peck


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In one of the dip dip dippiest goose chases recorded, an old cowpuncher who has punched his talking purple cow once too often (she ran off), a pretty, tearful plumber who needs a sink to plumb, and a handsome but drumless drummer follow Peck's equivalent of the yellow brick road to the all-purple Peppermint Palace of the King of Kazoo--where, instead of being granted their wishes, they are met by a Queen straight from Wonderland, who orders them all turned into kazoos. But everyone ends up ""hap hap happy,"" ""gobble as a turkey"" and ""daf daf daffy"" when they discover that friends and lovers are the real treasures worth seeking. Peck sprinkles the story with ten songs, scores and all, for those who might wish to turn this into a performance. To be fair it's no worse than many kiddie shows that charge admission, and at least the songs are distinctly his--they're too dog busted dumb to be derivative.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1976
Publisher: Knopf