TRIG SEES RED by Robert Newton Peck


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Herb Lester falls off his ladder and smack through the window of spinster pianola teacher Miss Beekin, who drives him out with a toilet plunger; Herb's old coonhound runs around biting everyone's backside and only Doris Jessup has the gumption to try to bite back; Mayor Swagg drops his new red bowling ball on Feldon Jessup's toe, then gets his own fat thumb stuck in the ball's finger hole, and Doc's wife calls it ""the silliest sight since the parade got rained on or I'm a monkey's uncle""; and Trig and her two sidekicks conspire to stuff the bowling ball into the town cannon just as it's about to be fired for the annual Swagg Day celebration. In other words, things are proceeding normally in Clodsburg, despite the fact that old Pop the traffic cop has been replaced by a newfangled electric dohinky. In the end Trig's ploy with the cannon pays off: the mayor's bowling ball hits the new traffic light and puts it permanently on the fritz, Pop gets his job back, and fans of Peck's hayseed slapstick can chuckle through another episode of managed hysteria.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1979
Publisher: Little, Brown