HUB by Robert Newton Peck


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This time round it's Chumps Landing, not Canby or Willetsberg, and instead of Sober McGinty being too drunk to play baseball or Willetsberg's seed-spitting champ coming down with a toothache, it's bicycle ace Otto Piddle whose injured limbs prevent his participation in the annual Overland Obstacle Bicycle Race. But once again, as in Last Sunday and Patooie (both 1977), there's a whole town with nothing on its mind but the durn fool contest; once again a lady (Hub's super teacher Miss Guppy) enters the race to save her town's honor; and what with a few dirty tricks engineered by Hub to foil Setonville's Montana Muldoon, she wins. Peck ends the race with a typical pile-up involving Muldoon, a gaggle of geese, odd stragglers from the marching band, delectable Sashay Freshmeadow soaking naked in a copper tub, and Chumps Landing's doctor, mayor, and sheriff thrown in. But it's even less funny the third time around.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1979
Publisher: Knopf