SOUP ON FIRE by Robert Newton Peck


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In the ninth Soup and Rob adventure, Peck continues his nostalgic and gentle recounting of life in a small Vermont town during the 1930's. As usual, Soup and Rob are finding it difficult to stay out of trouble. But this time their antics aren't witnessed by just their fellow townspeople; the bright lights of Hollywood are on them, too! The residents of Learning are ecstatic when they hear that the Hollywood Heartburn Talent Show is sending Fearless Ferguson to scout for new talent, and Soup is convinced that his newest plan is a sure-fire way for Rob and him to become Hollywood's newest stuntmen. But when Soup's plan backfires, the town finds itself knee-deep in strawberry-scented Bathsheba Bubble Bath. With deceptive simplicity, Peck has written a lively, adventure-filled novel that perpetuates the idea that life used to be more staid and secure; but at the same time, he shatters the myth that all children were well-behaved and polite. Enjoyable fare for middle readers.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1987
Page count: 116pp
Publisher: Delacorte