RABBITS AND REDCOATS by Robert Newton Peck


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A short, affable diversion about ""Verdmonter"" Chapter Harrow, nearing sixteen, and his friend Interest Wheelock, who run off after dark to mix in with the Greenies ""so's we can brag on how we nightrode with Ethan the time he took Ti."" On hand for the bloodless surprise attack, the boys have a perplexing talk with Colonel Arnold and give us a balancing pair of impressions about Ethan Allen, who's been known to put a torch to his land company's debtors but who restrains his men here and is distressed by captive Redcoat Peter Geer's youth. Chap and Interest, too, are chiefly concerned with Peter, a trading acquaintance, and after they rescue him from a trigger-happy older Greenie (and he in turn helps Chap recover from his victory gin), the three boys light out for a Vermont breakfast. . . and a Vermont farming life. Nothing weighty, but for older, slower readers it's as fast and painless as the taking of Ti.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1976
Publisher: Walker