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The authors of The Plot Against the Peace (see P. 178 -- this year) and the widely publicized Sabotage (42) -- with a more serious book than any they have done, in a history of the counter-espionage directed against our ally, Soviet Russia. Once again it has the flavor of an expose -- though not, perhaps, as sensational as the first book. There's a feeling of being on the inside track -- sharing confidential information, but it is closely documented, and exciting reading. The period covered is from 1919 to the present:- continued intrigues of British agents, a secret plot to dissect Russia; the restoration movement, the post-first World War occupation by the Allies; Trotky and conspiracy, affiliation with the German High Command; the Moscow Trials and what was behind them; the whole pattern of anti-Soviet Fifth Column activities in Europe and America -- names and records of agents exposed. Lots of human interest, some near-slander expose, often emotional, unashamedly pre-Soviet-challenging and revealing reading .... Winchell has frequently endorsed work by this team. If he does it again -- the book will take the hurdle of the present disinclination to read along these lines, and it will crash through to big sales. Watch.

Pub Date: Feb. 4th, 1945
Publisher: Little, Brown