BECAUSE OF MY LOVE by Robert Paul Smith


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A logical buildup of violent emotional atmosphere, where there is an interesting interplay of outer and inner life, is overlaid with a veneer of the commonplace to tell the story of Joe and Helen, New York office workers, who loved and married with always the cloud of Helen's inability to face change, to explain her dislike and fear of her father. Joe feels he has analyzed her peculiarities until he is unable to clear himself of the debts their marriage has brought and he goes into business with her father. He is happy in his relationship with the older man, but Helen's attitude permits no serenity, and when Helen's father is killed, Joe's problems are intensified. Helen suffers from extreme shock, the business is ruined, and there is the question of Helen's part in her father's death -- which plagues Joe constantly. Tortured by his inquiry into her motives, actions, he forces himself to test her and is killed too. The stresses and strains of personality clashes, the crackup of a scarred mentality, these have a reality -- but there is a certain feeling of drabness to mar the directness of the telling.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1945
Publisher: Holt