THE ISLAND by Robert Payne


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The life story of Gardiner's Island, passed down through generations of the same family, is a pleasant footnote in American history and this account, from 1639 to the present, presents it warmly. Lion Gardiner, after building the fort in Saybrook, Conn., bought the island and established his family there, made friends with the Indians, and expanded across to Easthampton, L.I. Following his descendants through the years, there are the strong outstanding John and John Lyon, the ghostly David, the glittering Julia who married President Tyler, and all the others, with their building, improvements, restoration after destruction, with their brushes with the British, pirates and their connection with Kidd, to recent years when the island has been rented out for hunting parties. An out of the way bit of Americans, this should attract local, Connecticut and Long Island, interest.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace