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The brilliant and versatile author of Mao Tse-Tung and The Young Emperor reveals further aspects of his journalistic-cum-scholarly gifts in the most challenging analysis of the march of Communism in Asia that we have had. He confesses to a definite bias, not in favor of Communism, but critical of those governments that ignore or discriminate against the peasant, whose needs he feels is the key to Asia's future. In Sjahrir, the Indonesian Revolutionary leader who has proved the possibility of a ""reasonable revolution"" he sees the most able of the younger leaders. He traces the changing pattern of Communism in China, the point at which the West sacrificed the opportunity to swing Mao to the West rather than to Moscow. In Korea he places the blame squarely on the 38th parallel decision, symptom of the ignoring of the wave of nationalism -- the ignoring of repeated warnings of what the future held- the minimizing of the Communist threat by the West-- the failure to train American forces in guerrilla fighting. He explores the tortuous ways of Communist penetration, aggression, etc. in the Philippines (again aggravated by post-war mistakes in judgment), in India (where the Congress Party has abysmally failed to implement the promises of agrarian reform); in Malaya, where confusion seems to reign; in Burma, where continuous rebellions are only beginning to give way to the rationalization of the Communist program in a humane application to a Socialist state. Thakin Mu he feels, comes closest to Indonesia's Sjahrir in his vision and performance. His analysis of the powder keg of Iran and the revolutionary nihilism of Soviet Asia are perhaps the most important parts of the book for close study and serious consideration. He summarizes his findings on the drift to Communism of Asia, feels it is almost ""too late"" but that the West can still adopt some of the lessons in advance on human and social terms, while by-passing the political (rather than backing the reactionary forces which the nationalist upsurge will resist to the last). This is a book which all of our thoughtful citizens should study and weigh. Not easy reading, for much of it is unpalatable. Important! Newsworthy, particularly on Indo-China.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1951
ISBN: 0548438420
Publisher: Macmillan