THE RED LION INN by Robert Payne


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Quite a far cry -- in fact a loud holler -- from The Young Emperor with its Persian miniature, fairy tale quality. For here are the Amorys, during the years of the Boer War to the death of their Queen and the end of an era, as time and circumstance break their children's ties to the Red Lion Inn, a pub of East End London. Jabez burns to hold his family together, responds like a thermometer to the war news, dreams of going on the stage, puffs with pride at the discovery of carved proof that Amorys and the Inn date from far back: Rachel picks up a prim beau at the theater but lets her head rule her heart in deciding to marry: Shad has an unfortunate experience with a well-known prostitute but lives to see China and win a Chinese bride: Ursula, a tearing beauty, becomes the mistress of Christopher Bohun, a painter who is chained to her loveliness, but not permanently: Mrs. Amory withdraws to the contemplation of ""my Thames"". All the robust, violent life of the pub, the hearty humor and salty intelligence of the London East End, the vulgar, respectable riot of living for a brightly colored chromo of the times.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall