HENRY'S AWFUL MISTAKE by Robert Quackenbush


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Henry the duck's awful mistake is to go after the ant that turns up in his kitchen as he prepares a meal for his friend Clara. When the ant runs into a crack in the wall, Henry takes a hammer to the wall . . . and then goes after the pipe behind the wall where the ant has taken refuge. The resulting disasters begin with a spilled supper and end with a flood that washes away Henry's house. Then, settled in a new house just-like-that, Henry again asks Clara to supper, again spots an ant, but this time ""He looked the other way!"" But it takes more than a hammer and chaos to make a joke, even at Quackenbush's one-dimensional level.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1981
Publisher: Parents Magazine Press-dist. by Elsevier-Dutton