TOO MANY LOLLIPOPS by Robert Quackenbush


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Quackenbush's signature duck comes out of the bush to gorge himself through a withering week of misfortune: ""One sweltering Sunday"" he has a headache, on ""muddy Monday"" he is caught in a flash storm and gets a sore throat, on ""torrid Tuesday"" he smashes a wing tip, etc. In addition to the doctor's other advice, which changes daily to suit the complaint but is echoed cumulatively by the growing audience of animals in Henry Duck's bedroom window, the patient is cautioned each day to ""rest, and eat a lot of lollipops""--until sizzling Saturday night when Henry gets a tummy ache and the prescription is ""to tie a pillow on it, and rest, and stay away from lollipops."" Harmless over-the-counter quackery for those who take to this artist's force feeding.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press