THE CHOICE OF LOVE by Robert Raynolds
Kirkus Star


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It is hard to find words to describe and do justice to a book like this. Many books have been written about love, sacred and profane, many of them superficial and trite. There have been studies both learned and obscure, clinical and cold, and some which can only convince the reader that love is blind both to its own nature and to the world. This book, by the novelist Robert Raynolds, is like none of these. Here we learn to know love as wise and warm, holy and human, the road to true freedom and the pathway to God. Any reader who opens the book at almost any page will find something which speaks to his ""condition"", evoking response from his own life and thought, Says the author, ""This book bears witness to the meaning of a man's life lived in communion with earth, with people, and with God."" There are six ""books"" within this one book, ""The Common Sense of Love"", ""The Wisdom of Love"", ""The Enemies of Love"", ""The Choice of Love"", ""The Small Parish of Love"", (married love), and ""The Divine Wonder of Love"". It would make a most appropriate gift at any time, and the best possible wedding gift imaginable.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1959
Publisher: Harper