OUR NEXT FRONTIER: A Personal Guide for Tomorrow's Lifestyle by Robert Rodale

OUR NEXT FRONTIER: A Personal Guide for Tomorrow's Lifestyle

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A chatty, upbeat look at what we each should do about energy conservation and renewal of resources--not especially new, but then Rodale was one of those who first spread the word. And much of this is taken from his own Organic Gardening and Prevention magazines. Here, it is grouped into sections on gardening, food production and preparation, and (sounding somewhat like an afterthought) health. The message is on two levels: pressing problems and available solutions. Chief among the problems: a dependence on fossil fuels which is both increasing the likelihood of global war and endangering the biosphere (""the intense fires they produce are consuming O at a rapid rate""); and methods of food production which rely on pesticides (surprisingly, a drop in wheat production has been demonstrated after aphids attacking it have been removed)--along with promotion of the wrong foods and transporting foods cross-country rather than developing local crops to their fullest. Rodale's discussion of health issues is standard (remember that what we call ""normals"" in such indicators as heart rate and blood pressure are really averages, and therefore not necessarily optimum)--except for some discussion of new diets which readers might wish to try (e.g., the no-nightshade diet for arthritis sufferers). Rodale may be overly optimistic in his assessment that the powers-that-be will eventually be convinced that we should move in these directions--but this might spark further individual interest in the effort. Detailed help, however, will have to be found elsewhere.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1981
Publisher: Rodale