THE SWEETHEART DEAL by Robert Rosenblum


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Not just another cosa nostrum--Rosenblum has lots of energy to divert to this story of the godfatherdom which operates not much more dishonestly than the law. Lindell, an extinct ""concerned citizen,"" receives phone calls from Mr. X., alias Bart Veresta, an outsider who married into the family and now an eager potential informer-defector. At first Senator Ryle states that there will be no ""sweetheart deal"" with Veresta, but Lindell, and Gabe Konecki, U.S. Marshal, keep in contact with him and make the arrangements which include immunity, protection and plastic surgery. This is promptly acknowledged by three Wonderworld killings which include his son and later the kidnapping of his wife's sister. (Actually Veresta is no longer interested in his wife but motivated by his passion for another mobsman's daughter who has just come of seductive age.) So on it goes, the Mafia intent on keeping its omerta intatto while reprisals are not far behind--eight men, an air salient, and lots of ammunition. . . . Rosenblum's a pro (The Good Thief--1974) and his ratatat hit and run story moves with pace and percussion toward all those other outsiders.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1976
Publisher: Putnam