MAN AGAINST AGING by Robert S. De Ropp


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The long view--- of the physical liabilities and losses of old age, as against the best of life which is yet to come- understanding and perhaps serenity, is forecast here in a discussion of scientific knowns placed within a broader literary and philosophical context. Many of the myths, delusions as well as questionable experimentation in the eternal quest for youth (Steinach, Voronoff, Metchnikoff, de Kruif) are a part of the amplification of the processes of involution. The physical aspects of aging are seen in relation to sexual and hormone changes, the heart and the arteries, the skin, nutrition. If our life expectancy has increased, there are new problems posed in living longer- and the greatest single obstacle in the later years is the lack of challenge, so that recommendations are made to revitalize this period of retirement and withdrawal. Geriatric guidance which is realistic and thoughtful without descending to popular panaceas and optimisms.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press