DRUGS AND THE MIND by Robert S. de Ropp


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A popular pharmacopoeia describes the various drugs, old and new, which influence our responses, their use and misuse, their immediate and ultimate physical effects, and the evils they engender- whether insanity, inebriation or enslavement. Some of the early experimentalists- Marco Polo- Baudelaire- De Quincy- have left records of the strange worlds created by mescaline and opium; and the known effects of many other drugs- cocaine, marihuana, the barbiturates and benzedrine, alcohol and coffee and tea are described. Mental illness, the various therapies and particularly the newer tranquilizers are all part of the explanation and evaluation, and it's a reliable introduction to the properties these drugs contain, the problems they create. The new consumer public may find it cautionary as well.

ISBN: 1425482708
Publisher: St. Martin's Press