CAN THESE BONES LIVE? by Robert S. & H. Elliott Wright Lecky


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The ""bones"" to which Messrs. Lecky and Wright refer are, of course, the Church. And the answer to the question which they pose is that those bones may yet live, although, according to the way things are going now, it seems unlikely that they will even survive. The authors' half-positive, half-negative prognosis is based upon their conviction that renewal, upon which Christians once based their hope that the Church might be reformed and live, has been a failure. That failure -- the ""renewal mess,"" as they call it -- is due to the take-over of the process of reformation by legalistic and non-reforming, timorous and panic-prone prelates who, while claiming to be worshippers of the sun, find their comfort under the umbrella of the status quo. The book, obviously, has harsh things to say about the Church, and immensely skeptical things to say about renewal as it is presently conceived (i.e., as a reaction against actual renewal). But it says little about how to correct the situation which it condemns.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1969
Publisher: Sheed & Ward