AFRICA A TO Z: A Guide for Travelers by Robert S. Kane

AFRICA A TO Z: A Guide for Travelers

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Which means from Algeria to Zanzibar, from West, to Central, to South, East and North -- and the federations, protectorates, republics, territories, kingdoms, provinces, etc., are given excellent coverage. There is introductory matter which is a general survey of the continent and goes on to advise about pre-travel study through organizations and their material, universities and museums, about visas and health requirements, about climate, packing, photography, shopping, customs, currencies, mail, language, guides and tipping. There is also information about means of transportation and prices, with itineraries indicated, and rates for accommodations and food. In the sections on the various areas of the continent, the material on each country is preceded by a paragraph which notes the entry requirements, best times to visit, currency, availability of film, principal language, transport and where to get further information; this is followed by a survey of the country's history, its current situation and/or problems, descriptions of and suggestions about the cities and places to see, what to buy and ""creature comforts"". This frank appraisal of the plus and minus of African travel is a very personal guide book, with a lot of much-needed briefing for a quality of understanding necessary to get the most out of touring here. A most valuable companion for those who can indulge their wanderlust -- and for those must satisfy it by reading. This fills a real need.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday