THE LAST CAPRICE by Robert S. Menchin


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Obit-er dicta, or some collateral remarks on testatory reparations, reprisals, or just plain pranks, this is ""A book of wills, odd and curious, of the famous and infamous"". There are unlikely heirs, from many dumb animals, to the sister- plumber than her sibling, or the most productive mother; or the legacy of a tailor- 71 pairs of pants with $1000 bills in the pockets. There are vindictive wills, conditional wills, and some ""strange"" and not always legal parchments: an empty eggshell- or the fender of a tractor. On and on, from old records, this is an entertaining miscellany which, along with its cartoon illustrations, suggests a gift market- your host, your husband, your lawyer.

Pub Date: July 29th, 1963
Publisher: Simon & Schuster