A STAG AT LARGE by Robert Saint-Martin O'Toole


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Robert O'Toole, indeed a horny stag, who refers to himself as Roger throughout this chronicle, is off on Flight #2 to Tokyo; he's as gregarious as a Social Director in a summer hotel and extrovertedly Eager for Experience. Erotic experience. Which begins with the soothing pleasures of a Ginza Turkish Bath, moves onward and downward to hostess Sakura who rikes him and gives him butterfry kisses, etc. Hong Kong, Taipei and a girlie restaurant, Bangkok, more puritanical India, and finally a nudist colony in Social France takes care of most of this itinerary which also does indicate some of the other aspects of foreign travel; and also one ubiquitous Diana, a girl reporter in lisle stockings (to begin with) who puts him down wherever he goes and finally snags him. Actually there's one really funny scene in which Diana's use of the word fiddlesticks is given its full Freudian semantics by an accompanying graduate psychologist, but the rest of this is just an overly jolly Roger.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1968
Publisher: Macmillan