MOOSE, BRUCE AND THE GOOSE by Robert Scott McKinnon


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Hilarity descends on the dog-track when Moose and DeGaulle (respectively greyhound and goose) crash the gates and steal the race. . . and the show. The unlikely duo's been hoboing around Montana ever since, separately wounded, they found each other companionable. A bossy fat lady and milquetoasty trainer who materialize conveniently, constantly, are instrumental in their adoption by would-be track-star Bruce and his won't-be pet-sitting family, and here the slapstick sets in: the boy practice-runs daily spurred by Moose's instinctive racing style and the goose's distinctive chasing style (wings flapping, voicebox honking) til he's in shape for the state championship, It's all rigged from here on--as of course it's cheerfully been throughout: the lady marries herself to the trainer, Bruce wins his meet, Moose is groomed for the track, and goose returns from a half-hearted spring sojourn northward. High comedy in its own way--with a threesome Disney would have known what to do with.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill