TELL IT TO THE PADRE by Robert Searle


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The title led me to expect that this was another ""chaplain book"" -- but it isn't. The author, in this his third book, states that we have reached the close of an epoch, and must build a better world by first throwing overboard ancient prejudices, political, economic and racial as well as religious, and a tune ourselves to the fundamental teaching of the Golden Rule as the basis of a workable relationship with our fellows. There can be no isolation into sects; the Church must assume a vocabulary which mankind can accept. He points to the work done in recent years by the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. Worship, preaching and education are essential factors; these must be flexible and subject to progressive development. Man respects the mastery of Science; he must be shown that Religion too has a place in the world.

Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart