THE LOST ONES by Robert Shaffer


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An adventure story set in post war Greece examines a state harassed by guerrilla warfare at the time of the Communist uprisings and pursues the fortunes of Alexis, who escaped captivity, and an American boy, Peter, with whose family he comes to live. Peter's father is a captain with the American military mission. But his connection with Alexis starts before they meet- with Arno, a boxer Peter's father found near Athens. When they take Alexis on as part of the refugee aid program, the boy is sure he recognizes the dog as having once belonged to his younger sister, who had disappeared after the Communists raided their territory. To add to Alexis' worries, he is accused of former membership in a youth organization now considered to be subversive and he and Peter have some untangling to do before Alexis' name is cleared and his sister found. With little more than the bare elements of plot and the author's often vivid impressions of Greece, this would have made good reading; but cumbersome explanations of international morality place a burden on the characters that relegate them to the position of vehicles of ideas rather than real parts of an important situation. Heavy.

Publisher: Henry Holt