HOT CORNER BLUES by Robert Sidney Bowen


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The ""hot corner"" is third base for a big league farm team and the blues belong to Stacey Lane -- he starts out with a faint sob, ends up with a catch in his throat and tears in his eyes. Stacey inherited his athletic ability from his father, who had died after concussing himself to make a catch. He must have inherited his emotional makeup from his mother, for when his college days were over and the big league scouts panted after him, Stacey turns down all bonus offers. He announces his intention to pursue the study of archeology at Cambridge University. It turns out that he's done this for his mother who feared the dangers of big league baseball. When she dies, archeology is abandoned and Stacey, minus bonus, returns to the Eagles who put him on the farm team where he immediately falls afoul of the third base coach, a ruthless type who unreasonably dislikes the unreasonably wholesome Stacey, who takes it all and tries and tries, until he of course succeeds. Sue Marlen and her grandfather provide less than an innings worth of love interest as Stacey moves through practice and games and various crises de nerfs to the finally signed contract with the star team. A choke up -- as in sob.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1964
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard