FLIGHT INTO DANGER by Robert Sidney Bowen


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After a gruelling test flight under the stern discipline of veteran pilot Joe Hannon, 19 year old Steve Brock lands a job as a commercial pilot for the Carter Lumber organization. With his assistant Mike Ryan, Steve's main job is flying the fire watch patrol. Saboteurs in the area had been setting lures in an effort to destroy Carter Lumber altogether. Though Steve performs admirably, he cannot satisfy the bristling Mr. Hannon. Finally, boss Jack Carter explains Hannon's history to Steve -- his heroic rescue of Carter during the Korean War ad his guilt for the for having been responsible for the crash in the first place. With this new knowledge, Steve remains on the job and is instrumental in spotting the most disastrous fire in the area and routing out the villains. For his efforts, Carter awards him a four year scholarship in aeronautical engineering at M.I.T. A loosely constructed plot takes too long to unfold and too much extraneous material to lean on. Over written and unconvincing.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1962
Publisher: Chilton