PLAYER-MANAGER by Robert Sidney Bowen


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Don't let this get confused with a book by the same title, reported for the next age group on P. 182 (which is a biography of Boudreau). This is a fast-moving Big League baseball yarn, with a new, tingling wrinkle. Chuck Lacey, who has been star catcher with a Brooklyn team, is out of active playing because of a hip injury, and takes a manager's job. He doesn't make good because he has the owner of the ball club against him. When he gets tossed out he is discouraged, but eventually works a comeback as manager of another team and wins the pennant. Loose, free wheeling style, slangy, full of big deals and intrigues in typical sportswriter fashion, this isn't worth much as a book, but has an authenticity that boys who read nothing but baseball will take at a sitting. The author did the popular Dave Dawson stories -- and the standards involved are dependable.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard