THEY FOUND THE UNKNOWN by Robert Sidney Bowen


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They may have found the unknown all right, but they are beginning to suffer from overexposure themselves. Lister, Reed, Fleming, Pasteur, the Curies and Jenner have provided movies, documentary films, TV shows, radio documentaries and heaven only knows how many children's books. Roentgen and Leeuwenhoek are also included and although their press has been somewhat less, their brief biographies as well as those of the names listed above suffer from an approach that combines the ponderous introductory tones of ""You Are There"" with some of the more overwrought dialogue of ""The Medics."" (Jenner groaned and clenched his fists in helpless frustration, ""There must be some way..."") The derision of the powerful ignorant who made some of these lives difficult is lingered over and while it is all quite true, the semi-fictionalized scenes push a couple of these dangerously close to scientific soap opera, and the obvious point is bent to the breaking point.

Publisher: Macrae-Smith